Have you recognised a need or a problem and are in search of an innovative solution? Our prototyping capability is highly flexible and can cater for single or multiple prototypes for product launches
or field testing.

Whatever the stage of your development we can help; our services cover all aspects of new product design from concept to creation.

The confidentiality of your idea is of utmost importance to us
We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your idea and guarantee to give you an honest opinion on how to patent your idea and whether it is worth proceeding with the concept. All the 
Intellectual Property around the concept remains yours even if we add further protectable features to your concept.

Through our in-house prototype labs and our approved partners we provide a range of prototyping solutions, including:

  • Rapid turnaround PCB manufacture
  • Rapid chassis and enclosure prototype
  • 3D plastics printing and casting
  • One-off electronic breadboarding

Having the ability to see, touch and functionally test a prototype before your product goes into production is essential; whether you require a proof of concept prototype to secure an investment, or
to market test, we will deliver a prototype version at an investment cost appropriate to your requirements.

Visual prototype
A visual prototype exhibits the overall shape and size of the product and does not usually feature any working parts. The materials will not be the materials that would be used if the product were
to be mass produced.

Proof-of-concept prototype
A proof-of-concept prototype exhibits the key functionality of the product and resolves the main technical aspects of the design. It is not planned to look like the final product and will make use of
existing ‘off-the-shelf’ components, where possible. A proof of concept prototype is unlikely to be made from production grade materials.

Presentation prototype
A presentation prototype exhibits the key functionality of the product and also provides a demonstration of how the mass-produced product would appear. This type of prototype will largely be built
from bespoke parts, however ‘off-the-shelf’ parts will still be used, where possible. It is likely that materials close to the production grade will be used, however, in situations where this would not be economically viable for a one-off prototype, substitutes may be used.

Please email us or use or contact form to outline your requirements and we will endeavour to get back to you via email with our thoughts and guideline price.


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